Use Guide Cues Like a Pro Artist (7 Tips)

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If you think using guide cues is cheating, this video’s not for you. (Also, the most rigorously trained classical musicians use sheet music for many of their performances, so, yeah, those Juilliard grads just cheat that’s how they’re so good). Anyway…

If you think guide cues are helpful for staying on the same page and that most of the major touring artists use guide cues — you’d be right! And this video IS for you!

Use these 7 tips for using guide cues to level up your performance and keep your band on the same page every time you step on stage.

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0:00 Tips You Can Use to Implement a Perfect Performance

0:16 What exactly is a Guide Cue / Track?

1:31 Download Free Guide Cues at

2:09 7 Ways You Can Use Guide Cues to Improve Your Performance

2:15 Tip 1: Use Guide Cues for Count Ins

3:58 Tip 2: Add Song Sections

4:50 Tip 3: Add a Song Name at the Beginning of Your Song

10:14: Tip 4: Add Instrumentation

11:19 Tip 5: Add in Lyrics to Your Guide Cues

12:59 Tip 6: Add Stage Direction Notes

14:10 Subscribe to Learn More About Ableton Live

14:49 Tip 7: Add Pitch to Your Guide Cues

17:39 Wrap Up: Download Free Guide Cues and Subscribe for More

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