The Worst Video on Live Vocal Processing Ever

Use a DAW for live vocal processing? How do you deal with latency and monitoring? This is a wild world.

The way people are doing live vocal processing is changing. More and more shows are running this through playback techs and doing it in Ableton Live, and there’s a lot to tackle with this.

I had a lot of thoughts that I needed to get out, and instead of organizing my thoughts into an outline like I normally do, I just flipped the camera on and let it all out.

I covered things like:

  • Why this is becoming more popular
  • Dealing with latency and monitoring
  • Gear the pros are using
  • Setting up a redundant rig


UA MIDI Control 👇

UA Solo Interface 👇

Real-Time Vocal Processing Course 👇

Redundant Real-Time Vocal Processing Course 👇

Radial Backtrack 👇

Radial JS-3 👇

Radial JR-2 Foot Switch 👇

00:00:01 – Vocal Processing with Ableton Live: A Tutorial
00:01:27 – Exploring Vocal Processing for Live Performance
00:02:36 – Vocal Processing for Live Performance: Exploring the Benefits of Individual Artist Control
00:03:41 – Using Ableton Live to Process Vocals: Understanding Latency
00:06:27 – Exploring Latency Issues When Processing Vocals in a DAW
00:07:33 – Maximizing CPU Power for Live Performance Audio
00:08:39 – Using Universal Audio Gear to Process Vocals
00:12:54 – Controlling Console with UA MIDI Control App
00:14:00 – Using Universal Audio Interfaces for Redundant Vocal Processing
00:15:03- What to do if the interface stops working
00:16:16- This is what the pros do!
00:20:03- My experience.
00:20:38 – Check out fromstudiotostage courses on Vocal Processing
00:20:56 – Wrap up!

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