The Step-by-Step Guide To Setting Up the PlayAudio12 with Ableton Live

Learn step-by-step how to set up your PlayAudio12 with Ableton Live with redundancy.

You’ll learn how to:

-Connect the PlayAudio12 to Ableton Live
-Set up redundancy
-Select manual vs. automatic switching (and why I prefer one over the other)
-Control both Ableton Live sessions with a MIDI controller (without MIDI sync or timecode)
-Keep both Ableton Live sessions in sync

Download Auracle for X-Series:

Optimizing Ableton for M1 Macs: Simple Fix for Audio Dropout Issues

Oakboard Slide Duo:

Boss FS6:

PlayAudio12 course:

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  1. Cool! What’s your workflow to keep computer B updated with the latest changes in the Ableton Set? Do you copy the session to a drive every time, do you use a cloud sync backup thing?…


    1. I use old school sneaker-net and move files back in forth with a harddrive. I’ve set this up as a network transfer between computers before, but sneaker-net never fails.