The Quick-Start Guide to Using Backing Tracks on Stage (Plus 2 Free Resources)

I’ve made this dead simple. These are the only 5 pieces of gear you need to start running tracks with your band.

When it comes to buying gear to run tracks, you’ve got more options than you know what to do with. And if you’re just starting out, it’s hard to know what’s actually necessary versus what can wait til later.

Well, I’m making it easy. These 5 pieces of gear give you everything you need to start running tracks.

Plus, learn about the Ableton template that 4,000+ musicians and touring artists are using to build sets in minutes and make things easy on stage.

The 2023 Gear Guide 👇

The Free Tracks Template & Email Course 👇

0:00 How to Start Using Tracks with Your Band

0:15 Behind the Space Bar Intro

0:31 Use Ableton Live on Stage for Tracks and 2 Free Resources That Will Help

1:14 5 Pieces of Gear You Need to Use Multitracks

2:16 Resource 1: Ableton Live Standard

3:00 Resource 2: Computer

4:28 Resource 3: Audio Output

5:21 Resource 4: MIDI Controller

6:29 The Four Resources You Need So Far

7:38 Resource 5: Monitoring Solution

10:01 Summary of the Five Resources You Need

11:07 Subscribe on YouTube and Leave a Rating or Review on Spotify or Apple Podcast

11:35 Implement the 3-Part Framework for Using Tracks to Efficiently Run Tracks on Stage

12:46 3-Part Framework (1): Template for Live Performance

13:07 3-Part Framework (2): Format Every Song the Same Way

13:22 3-Part Framework (3): Build Your Set Using Formatted Songs

13:32 Use My Free Templates to Learn How to Format Songs

14:48 Summary: Apply the 5 Things You Need, and the 3-Part Framework

15:37 Wrap Up: Leave a Rating or Review, Share and Subscribe for More!

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