The 7 Most Pervasive Lies About Running Tracks for Worship

You don’t have to run tracks — but don’t choose not to because of any of these 7 lies.

You’ll learn why these 7 things about running tracks for worship simply aren’t true:

  • You can’t have freedom and flexibility
  • Using tracks isn’t (always) cheating
  • Playback or Prime takes less time than Ableton
  • A fuller sound is a better sound
  • Running tracks is too difficult
  • Ableton Live isn’t volunteer-friendly
  • It costs too much

Comparing Prime, Playback, and Ableton 👇

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Learn how to use Ableton, save time, and make it volunteer-friendly 👇

🤔 PS. What have you heard about running tracks for worship that’s not in this list?

0:00 Here are 7 Lies Worship Leaders Believe About Tracks
0:21 Lie 1: You Can’t Have Freedom and Flexibility While Using Tracks
1:27 Lie 2: Using Tracks Is Cheating
2:32 Lie 3: Using Playback and Prime Save Time, and Using Ableton Wastes Time
3:22 Check Out My Playback, Prime and Ableton Live Videos in the Description
3:49 Lie 4: A Fuller Sound Is A Better Sound
4:42 Lie 5: It’s Too Difficult to Use Tracks
4:59 Lie 6: Ableton Live Is Not Volunteer Friendly
5:22 Format Your Tracks with a Free Template at and Subscribe
6:32 Lie 7: It Costs Too Much to Use Tracks
7:12 Wrap Up: Try using tracks and subscribe for more!

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