The 5 Features I’d Add to Loop Community’s Prime App

It’s not up to me, but if it were, here are 5 features I’d add to Prime to instantly make it a better playback app.

I’m not here to bash Prime. It’s so difficult and challenging to create an app, and they’ve created something that addresses a real need!

But I do think there are some things that make it difficult to use Prime as you get more advanced with playback. So, I’m going to pretend I’m in charge of Prime and tell you the 5 features I’d add to make it better.

1-Upload and add content directly in-app
2-Adjust the volume of click subdivisions
3-Re-name song sections
4-Different view options on desktop
5-Make it a desktop-first app

Alright. Let’s pretend you’re in charge now! What feature(s) would you add to Loop Community’s Prime app?

0:00 Five Things I Would Change About the Prime App
0:08 Clarification: It’s Incredibly Difficult and Expensive to Create an App
0:41 Subscribe to Learn More About Things I Would Change
0:55 Primary Focus for My Suggestions: Prime on Desktop
1:13 Number 1: Upload and Add Content Directly In-App
2:42 Number 2: Adjust Volume of Click Subdivisions
4:00 Number 3: Re-name Song Sections
5:37 Consider subscribing if you enjoy my content!
6:08 Number 4: Different Views on Desktop
8:02 Number 5: Desktop-First App
9:56 Comment Below: What’s your Dream Feature for the Prime App?

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