Stories of On-Stage Fails and Flops (Mine & Yours)

If you’re stepping on stage to do anything, embarrassing mistakes are part of the job. I share some of mine and some of my favorites that you all shared with me.

If you’ve ever experienced a major on-stage fail, you know what it’s like to want to just crawl into a hole…forever. But you gotta laugh at yourself and just take it on the chin. Especially because you’re not alone! Everyone has been there.

Check out some of these stories of major on-stage fails to give yourself a little encouragement and help you have a short memory for that kinda stuff.

And if you use Ableton to run tracks and want to minimize your risk of an on-stage fail, you might want to consider using a template. It not only helps prevent mistakes, but it will also help you save time and be more flexible.

You can check out my free template which comes with a free email course on how to run tracks using my 3-part framework here👇

00:00:00 – Conversation on Onstage Failures and Mistakes
00:01:24 – Exploring the Value of “Bombing” in Comedy: A Reflection on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
00:02:26 – Building Resilience Through Repetition: A Reflection on My Daughter’s Ballet Performance
00:04:10 – How to Use Tracks with the Three-Part Framework and Free Template
00:05:18 – Experiencing a Musical Performance in College
00:06:27 – Key Change Mistake in Music Performance
00:07:31 – “Common Mistakes in Live Performance: Stories from the Stage”
00:11:11 – Recounting a Technical Mishap During a Church Performance
00:12:20 – Experiences of Chris and Cody with DeadMau5 Songs and MIDI Routing in Ableton
00:13:58 – Onstage Failures: Tales from the Trenches
00:15:12 – Where to start with using tracks on stage without making mistakes
00:15:48 – Final two Onstage Failures and Mistakes
00:19:01- Wrap up!

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