Solo and Live Looping Artists Should Steal This Concept From Traditional Performers

Don’t make the mistake that brings so many solo live looping shows to a screeching halt. Instead, learn this simple concept from traditional on-stage performers.

Bands and artists who play on a stage do this without even thinking. But it’s something live looping and solo artists sometimes overlook — because it’s not inherently built into the set up. If you don’t implement it, it can cause your whole show to come crashing down.

What you’ll learn:

  • This important concept
  • How it works in traditional, on-stage performances
  • How to implement it in your solo or live looping set up
  • How it will improve your show

PS. Hey live loopers & solo artists out there — what’s your set up look like? Do you currently have any redundancy built in? Drop a comment and let me know!

0:00 What Solo and Live Looping Artists Can Learn from Traditional Performers
0:35 In This Video: A Key Concept that Non-Traditional Performers Don’t Understand
2:37 A Traditional Performance Stage Layout (Visual)
5:45 The Key Concept Applied in Traditional Performances: Division of Labor
9:26 Additional Example of Division of Labor with Tracks, Keys, and Vocal Processing (Redundancy)
12:59 Why You Shouldn’t Solely Use Your Computer and Should Split the Load
17:05 Subscribe and Become a Student of FromStudiotoStage for New Content in 2023
20:19 Ways You Can Apply Division of Labor (1): Optimize Your Setup
21:38 Ways You Can Apply Division of Labor (2): Implement an In-ear Mix
23:01 Ways You Can Apply Division of Labor (3): Travel with Your Own Mixer
24:57 Ways You Can Apply Division of Labor (4): Add Redundancy to Your Setup
25:49 If You Feel Hesitancy to these Methods, Make a Game Plan
26:47 2 Ways to Succeed in 2023: Subscribe and Become a Student at FromStudiotoStage
27:27 Wrap Up: Have an amazing 2023 and see you next time!

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