See Ableton Better on Stage with This Super Easy Hack

Changing this setting in Ableton’s display preferences will make it so much easier to see and navigate your set on stage.

I discovered this trick when I was running playback for two Live TV specials and was located on a dark side stage. The Ableton sets for these gigs were massive. I built them on my large monitor at home, but it was really hard to see when using a 13” Macbook on stage.

So I went into Ableton’s display preferences and found this little trick to make the grid lines easier to see and made it so much easier for me to navigate my set while running playback on stage.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to do it!

0:00 One Simple Tip and Trick for Massive Live Sets
0:10 Visibility is Crucial to Navigating a Massive Live Set
0:53 Tip: Go to Preferences and Change Grid Line Intensity to See Measures
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