Music Gear & Tech That Should Exist, But Doesn’t (Yet)

If I were in charge of a music tech company, these would top my list of things to create.

These three pieces of music tech don’t exist yet, or if there’s a version of them that does, there are things I’d change. Or maybe I’m not aware that they do exist! (Drop a comment with a link if they do!)

What’s in the video:

  • 3 ideas for music gear and/or tech
  • Why and how they’d be useful
  • Recommended prices for each

Maybe this gear or something really close already exists, and I’m just unaware of it. If so — drop a comment with a link! I’d love to check it out.

What do you wish existed? If you were in charge of a music tech company, what would you create that you haven’t found? Leave a comment with your idea. And if you see someone comment with an idea that you’re aware already exists, reply to their comment with a link! Let’s turn this into a gear-sharing space — but let’s do it without being jerks or calling people idiots.

We’re all here to learn, and if people think that knowing about a piece of gear somehow makes them smarter than someone else, that’s (1) not true and (2) no one probably likes that person.

So don’t be that guy. Let’s be kind, share some ideas, and find out about some new gear together.

Check out my 2023 Gear Guide here 👇

PS. RTP stands for Real-time Protocol. Fun fact, it’s also known as AppleMIDI. Shoulda called it iMIDI — missed opportunity.

0:00 3 Pieces of Music Gear and Tech I Wish Existed

0:16 Behind the Space Bar: Pieces of Music Technology I Wish Could be Created

1:22 Check Out My 2023 Brand New Gear Guide

1:45 Two of My Favorite Products from iConnectivity: mioXM and mioXL

4:56 Music Gear #1: Adapters with 5-Pin Midi with Ethernet Connection to mioXM or PlayAUDIO12

8:23 Music Gear #2: PlayAUDIO12 Device with a Dante Connection

13:03 Consider subscribing, enabling notifications and leaving a review!

13:51 Music Gear #3: Configured Version of Ableton Push (Just the Top Portion)

19:13 Comment Your Music Gear Suggestions and Subscribe for More Ableton Live Videos

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