Most People Build Ableton Sets All Wrong — Here’s How To Do It FAST

There are lots of ways to build a set in Ableton. But this is the best method I’ve found to do it fast and give you flexibility on stage.

This tutorial will teach you the exact method pro artists use to build sets in Ableton Live. It gives you the ability to jump around your set and songs in real-time, repeat song sections, and confidently run tracks on stage without fear of annoying glitches and crashes.

This is Part 3 of my 3-Part Framework for Running Tracks. Used by over 4,000 musicians around the world. Grab my free template and learn the entire 3-Part Framework in the (also free) email course 👇

0:00 – Intro

0:19 – Ways of Using Backing Tracks

1:17 – Formatting the Songs

1:42 – Have a Template for Live Performance

1:53 – Format every Song the Same Way

2:13 – Adding Desktop Folder to Live Browser

2:54 – Bringing one Ableton Live Set into Another Ableton Live Set

4:33 – Sequencing the Songs

5:22 – Dealing with Multiple Stems in a Song

8:01 – Adding Locators to the Songs

9:10 – My Tracks 301 Course

9:43 – Audio Routing

10:04 – Output Routing

11:13 – Adding Locators to the Songs

12:31 – Reason why I Add Locators

13:39 – Having Access to every Song Section

14:28 – Extra Steps I do

15:10 – Assigning Colors to Songs in Ableton Live

17:43 – Focusing on Transitions

18:05 – Suggested Method of Building your Ableton Live Set

18:40 – Free Template at From Studio to Stage website

19:30 – Subscribe to From Studio to Stage

19:45 – Outro

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