LioBox: The Ultimate MIDI Controller for Navigating Your Ableton Live Set?

Learn to use LioBox with Ableton to control, create, and reorder your set list without moving a single song in Live.

If you want more control of your Ableton set, this is the best solution I’ve found in 20+ years of using Ableton on stage. It’s easy to set up, works with all editions of Ableton Live 9 or higher (Intro, Standard, and Suite), and makes navigating your set on stage an absolute breeze.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to connect the LioBox to your computer and Ableton Live
  • LioBox features and display
  • LioBox’s two modes: All Tracks and Set List
  • How to use LioBox to quickly navigate your set
  • Why it’s perfect for working with large Ableton sets

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0:00 How to Set Up and Use LioBox with Ableton Live

0:28 General Overview of LioBox’s Functions

1:22 How to Connect LioBox to Ableton Live

2:32 How to Easily Navigate Your Ableton Live Set with LioBox

6:21 Consider Subscribing to Learn More About Ableton Live

6:45 How to Build and Reorder a Setlist

8:43 Add Liobox’s View for Time Length, BPM and Key Information

9:57 Use Templates at to Build a Set with All of Your Songs

10:24 How to Load Setlists and Songs That Aren’t on the LioBox

11:07 Additional Features on LioBox: Multiple LioBox Connections

11:48 Who is this MIDI Controller for?

12:29 LioBox Information and Suggested Gear Are Linked in the Description

12:51 Subscribe for More Tutorials and Thank You for Watching

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