How To Use Virtual MIDI to Control Other Software with Ableton Live

Learn how to set up a MIDI connection between Ableton Live and another program on your computer.

I like to think of this as using a virtual MIDI cable, because I like to have something physical to imagine when I’m doing things digitally. So I’m going to show you how to create these virtual MIDI cables so you can control another program on your computer with Ableton Live.

Side note: The example in this tutorial is sending MIDI out of Ableton Live, but you can use this same process with any other programs that you want to send or receive MIDI.

What you’ll learn:

-Using IAC driver on Mac
-Using LoopBe1 on PC
-Configuring the IAC driver
-Understanding buses & ports
-Configuring Ableton
-Understanding track, sync, and remote
-How to connect MIDI to other software (I use ProPresenter in this tutorial)

PS. What software do you want to control with Ableton? ProPresenter? Main Stage? Leave a comment and let me know!

How to setup Loopbe1 on PC:

0:00 How to Create a Virtual MIDI Cable Between Programs
0:12 Analog Parallel for This Digital Concept (Virtual MIDI Cable)
0:38 You Can Send MIDI to Any Direction, Including Ableton Live
0:57 What to Do in Order to Create a Virtual MIDI Cable (Virtual MIDI Bus)
1:46 Audio MIDI Setup – Look for the IAC Driver Properties
2:22 Understand Bus and Ports in Relation to MIDI Cables
3:14 Use Output to Send MIDI Out of the IAC Driver
5:15 Summary of Steps So Far: IAC Driver Settings
5:55 Consider Subscribing to Learn More About Ableton Live
6:35 Connect MIDI to the Other Software (ProPresenter Example & Set Up)
8:08 This Tutorial Shows You How to Connect MIDI Between Programs
8:36 Comment: What would you like to control with Ableton Live?
9:02 Upcoming Tutorial: Send MIDI Between Different Computers

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