How to use tracks on stage (without cheating)

Here’s how to use tracks on stage, without cheating and feeling like a fraud.

We’ve all seen those videos of a pop artist’s performance going sideways with tracks and all of the sudden the whole world knows they’re lip-syncing.

And yeah, I’m not a fan of that. But that’s not what the way most artists use tracks. Some of the best musicians in the world are using tracks on stage. And they’re doing it in a way that maintains the authenticity of musicianship and skilled performance.

In this video, you’ll learn 7 tips for how to start using tracks, without feeling like you’re “faking it” or feeling like a fraud.

0:00 – Intro

0:47 – Reason behind Selecting this Topic

2:49 – Courses at From Studio to Stage

3:16 – Subscribe to the Channel

3:49 – Fear of using Backing Tracks

4:52 – Don’t Fake a Part that’s in the Tracks

6:25 – Sing Live

7:46 – Use “Backing” or “Aux” Sounds in your Tracks

10:43 – Have Freedom and Flexibility

12:48 – Make your Computers Invisible

14:01 – Use a MIDI Controller

15:06 – Become a Good Entertainer

18:01 – Become a Student & Get Access to 60+ Courses

19:14 – Outro

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