How To Use Shout Tracks, Bump Tracks, Drum Loops in Ableton Live

Step-by-step guide to using drum loops, shout tracks, bump tracks, in Ableton Live.

By drum loops, I don’t mean backing tracks in general or one shots. I mean looping drum loops that can keep time and/or add a layer of excitement to your music.

How you use drum loops in Ableton Live will depend on your context. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use drum loops for both linear performances and non-linear performances. Plus you’ll learn some other tips, tricks, and best practices for adding these into your live performance.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Using drum loops in Ableton’s arrangement view (for linear performances)
  • Using drum loops in Ableton’s session view (for non-linear performances)
  • How to use drum loops with a MIDI controller (plus best practices)
  • Getting fancy by using drum loops in Ableton as a percussionist

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0:00 How to Use Drum Loops Live on Stage in Ableton Live
0:25 What do drum loops mean in this context?
1:37 How to Use Drum Loops: Non-linear and Linear Loops
2:31 Linear Setup: Using Drum Loops in Arrangement View
6:48 Non-linear Setup: Using Drum Loops in Session View
14:34 Controlling Drum Loops with a MIDI Controller
20:07 Coming up: How to Use Ableton Live Like a Percussionist
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20:46 How to Use Ableton Live Like an Instrument
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