How To Use a 5-Pin MIDI Controller with Ableton Live

MIDI controller only have 5-pin and not USB? No problem — you can still connect it to your computer and control Ableton Live.

I’ll teach you how to connect your MIDI controller to your computer as well as how to configure Ableton to make the magic happen.

What you‘ll learn:

-Using an audio interface with 5-pin DIN MIDI ports
-Using a dedicated MIDI interface
-Using the MioXC (5-pin DIN to USB-C/USB-A)
-Configuring Ableton’s preferences
-Understanding Track, Sync, Remote, and MPE

Purchase the MioXC:

PS. Are you using 5-pin MIDI to connect to your computer? Leave a comment and let me know what gear you’re using and why you like it!

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Connecting the Controller to the Computer
1:44 – Dedicated MIDI Interface
2:49 – MIDI to USB Adapter
6:05 – Subscribe to the Channel for more Tutorials
6:38 – Link Tempo MIDI tab in Preferences
8:09 – Options for Using MIDI Controller
10:37 – The Control Surface Options
12:36 – The Takeover Mode
14:30 – Outro

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