How To Share Large Ableton Files (Google Drive & Dropbox Examples)

Skip these steps and the person you’re sharing a large Ableton file with will not be pleased.

To avoid being a jerk, and to make sure the file can be opened properly, follow the steps in this simple process. You’ll thank me for it later.

Don’t be an amateur who sends files that don’t work properly. Be like a pro and polish up your communication and file-sharing expertise. Seems small, but the pros are the ones who nail even these tiny details.

00:00:00 – Sending Large Ableton Live Sets: A Step-by-Step Guide
00:00:42 – Preparing an Ableton Live Set for Sharing
00:03:48 – Transferring Files with Google Drive: A Step-by-Step Guide
00:04:57 – Compressing Files for Secure Transfer: A Step-by-Step Guide
00:05:58 – Transferring Large Files Securely
00:07:01 – How to Compress and Upload Files Using Google Drive and Dropbox
00:07:43 – BONUS TIP: DropBox Power Move
00:10:00 – Wrap Up

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