How to Setup Manual Failover on the PlayAudio 12 with a Boss FS-6 Dual FootSwitch

If you rely heavily on tracks, you need a redundant rig and the PlayAudio12 from iConnectivity is the best solution for redundancy. The interface allows for automatic failover and manual failover. While automatic failover is convenient, manual failover allows for more control over when you switch between machines.

In this lesson from the Using the PlayAudio12 with Ableton Live course, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Will Doggett shows you how to setup manual failover on the PlayAudio12 using the Boss FS-6 foot switch.

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June 2021 Monthly Call

June’s monthly call, was jam-packed full of great questions. You guys submitted 7 questions before the call, ranging from PlayAudio12, MioXM questions, to troubleshooting MIDI connectivity, to new ProPresenter features! I also apoligized for an email snafu and let you know about 2 discounts available till the end of June! You can check out the replay below and use the Chapter markers to navigate to specific questions!


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  1. So cool! This is how we use the PA12, instead of auto failover. Another tip: you can use the single switch Boss FS-5L if you use a TRS-TS (mono) cable. TRS at the Control jack, TS at the foot switch.
    Thanks, Will! What a resource.

    1. Great to see you here, Matt! Thanks for the comment. I tried a normal TS cable with no success but I didn’t try a TRS-TS with my FS-5. Can’t wait to try that now, great solution!

  2. Hey guys! Can you share the wiring connections for a working TRS-TS cable? I’d like to make a cable that works with the Boss FS-5L as footswitch. Thanks for your help!

    1. If I had them-I’d be happy to! I just use the Boss FS-6 but in theory I imagine the TRS-TS cable could work.