How to Send MIDI Between 2 Macs via Ethernet (Ableton Live Tutorial)

Learn how to connect 2 MacBooks to pass MIDI between them via an ethernet connection.

This tutorial focuses on using Ableton Live, but you can do this with any software you want.

What you’ll learn:

-Why ethernet?
-Making the ethernet connection (plus a simple guide to the equipment required)
-Configuring MIDI setup on your main computer
-Configuring MIDI setup on your secondary computer
-Establishing the connection + troubleshooting tips
-Configuring devices to pass MIDI

Wanna see a PC tutorial? Leave a comment and let me know!

Tutorial on sending MIDI via a virtual MIDI cable to connect two separate programs on the same computer 👇

0:00 Connect Two Macs Using an Ethernet Cable to Pass MIDI Between Programs
0:27 Reasons Why Using Ethernet Cable is Beneficial
0:48 Things to Note: Mac-Focused Tutorial and I Suggest Using Cable
1:32 Making the Connection: Equipment, Programs, and Necessities
2:12 Device #1: Go to MIDI Studio and Set Up the Midi Network
4:16 Device #2: Go to MIDI Studio and Configure Settings
5:17 Establish the Connection to Both Devices
5:55 Troubleshooting: Check IP Address, Right Connection, etc.
6:28 Summary of Steps so Far & The Rundown for the Final Step
7:04 Consider subscribing if you enjoy my content!
7:28 Configure Devices to Pass MIDI Between Ableton Live Programs
9:01 Subscribe to Learn More About Ableton Live

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