How To Quantize in Ableton: Improve Your MIDI Recordings in Real Time

Step-by-step tutorial on how to keep your MIDI recordings perfectly in time with record quantization in Ableton Live.

If you want to record and capture sounds with MIDI in Ableton Live, this trick will instantly improve your recordings by keeping them perfectly in time.

What’s in the video:

  • Recording MIDI piano not using quantization
  • How to enable and set up quantization
  • Recording MIDI piano with quantization
  • Comparing the two recordings
  • Why you should use this trick sparingly

PS. What’s your take on quantization? Makes it sound tighter or sucks the life out of the music? Or are you one of those rare reasonable folks who thinks there’s a time and place for each? Drop a comment and let me know!


0:00 Tips That Will Instantly Help Improve Your Recordings
0:13 In This Video: Recording a Piano Part and Improving Performance
0:58 Recording Piano and Listening for Syncopated Parts
1:52 Tip: Use Record Quantization to Improve the Timing of MIDI Recordings
4:28 Use This Tip Sparingly and Disable When Not Needed
4:58 Subscribe to perform like a pro with Ableton Live!

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