How To Know What To Charge for Ableton Training & Consulting (Plus a Look at My Rates)

Charge too much — no clients. Charge too little — wasting your time. These are both myths. Watch to find out why and learn how to set your rates for teaching Ableton (including a breakdown of my own rates and the reasoning behind them).

If you’ve been using Ableton for a while and think you’re ready to start teaching others what you’ve learned, you need to figure out what you’re going to charge. Easier said than done, right?

I started doing this in 2008, and my rates have changed dramatically since then (they’ve increased…did you really need to ask?). I’ve made a ton of mistakes and learned a ton since then, and I want to share those lessons with you.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get a feel for what the market is willing to pay
  • Why side hustle vs. full-time gig might affect your rate
  • How to not be scared to go big
  • Communicating rates (and rate changes) to clients
  • Should you ever work for free?

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0:00 Tips to Decide What to Charge for Ableton Live Consulting and Training
0:22 Behind the Space Bar: Leave a Rating on Spotify or Apple Podcast and Subscribe
0:51 How I Began Teaching People to Use Ableton: My Tips Based on My Experience
2:39 Tip 1: However Much You and the Market Can Bear
4:55 Tip 2: What is it worth to you?
6:50 Tip 3: What’s the going rate?
8:31 Bonus Tip: Don’t Sell Yourself Short
9:51 Tip 4: Clarify Price vs. Expectations
12:02 Tip 5: Communicate Changes
13:31 Subscribe, leave ratings & reviews, and share these episodes!
14:47 My Rates for 1-1 and 15-Minute Sessions, Program Sets, and In-Person
21:48 Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Be Successful
22:00 Tip 1: Start for Free (Clarify Expectations)
22:56 Tip 2: Capture Testimonials
23:57 Tip 3: Share Those Testimonials
24:25 Tip 4: Start to Take on Gigs
24:42 Tip 5: Slowly Raise Your Rates
25:29 Wrap Up: Comment Feedback, Subscribe, and thanks for watching!

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