How to Improve your In-Ear Mix without Spending any money

Want to improve your in-ear mix? Here’s how without spending any money.

With a few simple changes, you can improve your in-ear mix without needing to spend any money. While new in-ears, and a brand new in-ear monitoring system would help, there are simple steps you can take, right now, to instantly improve your mix.

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June 2021 Monthly Call

June’s monthly call, was jam-packed full of great questions. You guys submitted 7 questions before the call, ranging from PlayAudio12, MioXM questions, to troubleshooting MIDI connectivity, to new ProPresenter features! I also apoligized for an email snafu and let you know about 2 discounts available till the end of June! You can check out the replay below and use the Chapter markers to navigate to specific questions!


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