How to Improve your Band’s Performance When Using Click and Tracks (without Spending a Dime)

Nailing this one part of your performance will make a world of difference. What is it? Transitions.

The song ends, and everyone turns around and stares at the drummer for an awkard two or so measures. This happens a lot when people first start using click and tracks. And it’s awkward for the audience — they don’t know why you’re staring at the drummer.

In this video, you’ll learn 4 things you can do right now that you can use to nail your transitions at your next live performance.

PS. How do you handle song transitions? Drop a comment and let me know. Bonus points if you tell us your most awkward transition moment.


0:00 Use This Free Approach to Take Your Performance to the Next Level
0:11 Transitions Are One of the Most Important Concepts in Performances
1:00 Tip 1: Auto Switch Between Songs
2:27 Tip 2: Create a “Go” Word
3:48 Tip 3: Trim Down Intros At Slower Tempos
5:48 Tip 4: Have A Looping Transition At The Top (If You Want to Talk)
7:35 Implement these tricks and comment your feedback or tips!
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