How To Get Out of a Creative Rut

These 5 tips will help you get out of your creative rut and start churning out work.

Everyone gets stuck when they’re trying to create something. Even the best artists deal with it. But they also know how to get out of it. Here are 5 tips that I regularly use to get myself out of a rut and start creating.

  1. Say it out loud
  2. Schedule a pity party
  3. Keep going!
  4. The perfection myth and focusing on what’s attainable
  5. Read the War of Art (link 👇)
    Buy the War of Art:

0:00 What to Do When You’re in A Creative Rut – Practical Tips
0:19 Today’s Episode Will be a Little Different
0:53 My Experience When I Was in a Creative Rut
2:36 I’d Love to Hear About Your Experiences in the Comments
2:54 Tip 1: Say it Out Loud – Disarm Your Creative Rut
4:15 Tip 2: Schedule a Pity Party – Get All Your Frustrations Out
5:55 Tip 3: Keep Going – Find A Way to Keep Creating
8:11 Subscribe and Leave a Rating or Review on Apple Podcast
8:55 Tip 4: Fear & Insecurity – Perfection is a myth, but completion is attainable
11:09 Tip 5: Read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield
12:02 Remember to read “The War of Art” and have a good day!

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