How to Flow and Stay Flexible While Running Tracks

Running tracks doesn’t have to mean locking yourself in to a structure. You can use Ableton and bring the tracks along with you as you move spontaneously across song sections.

So many people think running tracks in Ableton Live means eliminating the opportunity for spontaneous creativity. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

You can set up Ableton Live to allow you to flow and be spontaneous while still using tracks.

What you’ll learn:

-Benefits of using a MIDI controller
-Flowing in Ableton’s arrangement view
-Flexibility with tempos
-Using dynamic guide cues (watch tutorial here:

Do you run tracks and still leave room for flexibility? Leave a comment and let me know your approach!

0:00 Share 3 Ways You Can Flow While Using Tracks, Keeping Flexibility
0:17 Set Up: MIDI Controller Mappings (Play, Stop, Previous, Next)
0:47 How to Have Far More Flexibility using Arrangement View
1:47 Use Arrangement View to Flow with Tracks (Demo)
3:23 Summary: How I Navigated my Demo Just Using Previous and Next
4:01 How to Jump to the Bridge of the Song (Using Previous/Next)
5:36 How to Jump to the Bridge of the Song (Map to Bridge)
6:56 How to Get Out of End of Song Loop and Jump to Chorus
9:04 What if you want to start a song with any tempo?
9:33 Consider Subscribing for Free Tips & Tricks with Ableton Live
9:59 How to Start a Song at Any Tempo – Example (Mappings & Tempo Change)
12:30 Use Tempo Nudge Button to Slow Down Song
13:30 Summary of Tutorial: Set Up MIDI Controller & Assign
13:57 Download Free Tracks Template at

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