How To Connect MioXM and PlayAudio12 Over Long Distances with Ethernet

If your MioXM is 10, 100, or even 300 feet away from your PlayAudio12, you can connect them via Ethernet. Here’s how.

This long-distance ethernet connection is what I like to call a “Satellite Setup.” I still the a USB connection is most ideal if your 2 devices are close to each other, but this is a great option if that’s not possible.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to connect via USB:

What you’ll learn:

-The 2 ways to connect via ethernet (direct connection, network switch)
-Using Auracle for X-Series to configure and set up your connections
-Using the 4 possible RTP ethernet connections
-Configuring the PlayAudio12 and MioXM in Auracle for X-Series
-Setting up your MIDI routing
-Setting up RTP source to host port (HST)

Are you using the MioXM and PlayAudio12 together? Leave a comment to let me know how you have it set up and how it’s working!

0:00 How to Connect Your mioXM to Your PlayAUDIO12 using Ethernet
0:17 Last Week’s Tutorial: Connecting mioXM to PlayAUDIO12 Using USB
0:30 Connecting mioXM to your PlayAUDIO12 in A Satellite Set-up (Ethernet)
1:11 Visual Drawing: Connecting mioXM to PlayAUDIO12
1:52 Use Auracle for X-Series and Set Up Connections
2:52 Four Possible RTP Connections
3:42 Set Up PlayAUDIO12 to be the Initiator (All 4 Connections)
5:45 Consider Subscribing to Learn More About Ableton Live
6:11 MIDI Routing: Connect DINs and RTPs with All 4 Connections
7:35 Different Example with RTP Source to HST
8:05 Subscribe to do More Complex Tasks Like This Simply

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