How To Add a Count-In To Your Song in Ableton Live

Learn step-by-step how to add a count-in to your song in Ableton Live.

Count-ins help your band start on the track, in-time, and all together. This tutorial will walk you through step-by-step how to add count-ins to your songs in Ableton Live with 100% free resources you can download right now.

What you’ll learn:

-Adding time before the song beings
-Adding a click track (
-Configuring your click track in Ableton Live
-Why guide cues make a huge difference
-How to add guide cues to your songs (
-My favorite guide cue hack in Ableton Live

PS. Do you use count-ins when running tracks with Ableton? Leave a comment to let me know!

0:00 Format Your Songs Correctly by Adding a Count-In to Files in Ableton Live
0:24 Why Count-In Help You Avoid Awkward Moments
1:01 Insert Time Before Your Song Begins (Measure Recommendations)
2:12 Add a Click Track to Your File (available at
2:58 How to Add and Configure Your Click Track
3:59 How Guide Cues Come in Handy (available at
4:47 How to Add Guide Cue to the Beginning of Your Song
6:12 My Favorite Guide Cue Player Hack: Pre-Built Clip
6:45 Summary: Value of Adding Count-In to Files
7:06 Head To for More

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