How Musicians Can Make Extra Money in 2023 (Side Hustle Ideas + Tips for Success)

6 side hustle ideas for musicians and how to actually be successful with them.

Making extra money from side hustles is completely possible. My entire company started as a side hustle, and I was able to grow it into my main source of income. You can sell your time, your knowledge, or both.

In this episode of Behind the Space Bar, I’m gonna help you get started so you can crush it in 2023.

What you’ll learn:

3 ways to sell your time
3 ways to sell your knowledge
5 tips for success that I used to grow From Studio to Stage
PS. Do you have a side hustle that I left off this list? Drop a comment and let me know!

0:00 Side Hustles You Can Do to Make Extra Cash
0:14 In This Episode: Ways to Make More Income
1:57 Ways to Sell Your Time (1): Lessons
3:09 Ways to Sell Your Time (2): Remote Session Work
5:21 Ways to Sell Your Time (3): Remote Music Director
7:32 The Downside to Selling Your Time
8:11 How I Transitioned from Selling My Time to Selling My Knowledge
12:04 Three Ways You Can Make Extra Cash by Selling Your Knowledge
12:18 Ways to Sell Your Knowledge (1): Patches, Presets, Templates, etc.
13:27 Ways to Sell Your Knowledge (2): Master Classes, Zoom Sessions
14:22 Ways to Sell Your Knowledge (3): Sell Courses
15:25 Five Things I Did That Helped Me Build FromStudiotoStage
15:48 Tip 1 for Success: Start Building an Audience
16:10 Tip 2 for Success: Give Away Content for Free
16:38 Tip 3 for Success: Capture Emails
17:35 Tip 4 for Success: Offer Products
17:52 Tip 5 for Success: Rinse and Repeat
19:00 Wrap Up: Sell Your Time, Knowledge and Implement These Tips
19:59 My Motto for 2023: Service Over Self
20:32 If you’re listening on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or YouTube subscribe, review, and share!
21:03 Thanks for watching and take care!

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