How Does Post Malone Use Ableton Live on Stage? (Reacts Video)

Reacting to Post Malone’s playback rig rundown + tips & tricks on how to apply the same principles to your rig.

Like every pro artist, Post Malone has a decked-out playback rig. The good people at Sweetwater did a rig rundown (watch here 👉 ).

Even if you’re not playing stadiums on a massive tour, you can still apply the same principles to your rig in a much more affordable way. I break it all down in the reacts video.

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0:00 Reacting to Post Malone’s Ableton Rig Rundown

0:11 In This Video: Rig Tour by Post Malone’s Playback Engineer (Willie Linton)

1:20 Breaking Down the Playback System, Starting with the Timecode Distripalyzer

3:27 What the DirectOut and Prodigy Devices Do

4:56 Willie Explains Why Prodigy and the Timecode Distripalyzer Are Used in the Setup

7:01 You Can Do Everything Willie Mentioned with DirectOut’s EXBOXMD

9:10 Explaining the Oaktone’s Oakboard Slide Duo Controller

10:05 The mioXL and the mioXM MIDI Interface

12:13 Apollo 16 is a Major Component of the Tour

13:30 The Radial LX8 and Radial SW8: Redundancy Across Autotune with UAI

17:11 Physically Changing Presets Using the Oakboard Slide Duo and TA-1VP

19:28 Why Willie is Using Pro Tools and Prefers Live Recording

20:26 Playback Tech is an Incredible Role for People into Music Engineering

21:50 Post Malone Rig Tour Video Conclusion and My Takeaway

24:49 Helpful Links in the Description: Gear and Courses

25:38 The Big Call to Action in This Video: Employ Division of Labor and Redundancy

29:01 Wrap Up: Download Free Templates and Become a Fromstudiotostage Student

29:56 Final Shoutouts; Request Videos and Subscribe for More

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