Freeze Track in Ableton Live: The Fastest Way to Convert MIDI to Audio (Plus 2 Bonus Tricks)

Learn the fastest way to convert MIDI to audio in Ableton Live (plus 2 bonus tricks).

In this tutorial, I teach you step-by-step 3 different ways to convert MIDI to audio in Ableton Live.

What you’ll learn:

Using the freeze track command (the fastest way)
The click & drag method
Using flatten track
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0:00 Fastest Way to Turn MIDI Into Audio in Ableton Live
0:18 Open Your MIDI Track
0:45 Freeze the MIDI Track and Why It’s Helpful
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2:08 How to Turn MIDI Into Audio and Still Be Able to Adjust it
3:04 Use Flatten Track to Turn Your MIDI Into Audio
3:46 Thank you for watching!

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