Format Songs for Ultimate Flexibility in Ableton With This ONE Simple Method

This method for formatting songs in Ableton will help you run tracks stress-free.

If you want to use Ableton on stage in a way that’s flexible, stable, and efficient — there’s an exact process you need to follow.

Formatting songs is the second part of my 3-Part Framework for Running Tracks. Get the free template and email course here 👇

0:00 How I Format Songs For Live Performance in Ableton Live

0:22 In This Video: My 3-Part Framework for Tracks and How I Format Songs

2:16 Method to Formatting Songs (1): Use the Same Click Track For Every Song

4:50 Method to Formatting Songs (2): Automate Tempo with the Tempo Track

7:04 Method to Formatting Songs (3): Utilize Guide Cues

8:49 Method to Formatting Songs (5): Use Markers Tracks

10:50 Method to Formatting Songs (6): Make Sure to Add Original Tracks

11:29 Method to Formatting Songs (7): Group Tracks, Outputs, and Additional Configurations

18:42 Why the 3-Part Framework Gives You Freedom and Flexibility

21:09 Subscribe, enable notifications, and leave a review!

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