Controlling Video with Ableton Live? Check Out These 11 Resources That Make It Easier

If you want to sync your visuals and video content to your click and tracks in Ableton Live, here are 11 resources and a few tips to help you get started.

Resources and Tools:

Ableton Live


For Triggering Video:

Resolume Avenue

Arkaos GrandVJ

Qlab 4



For Time Code Sync:

Resolume Arena

Pro Video Player

Qlab 5


Media Servers:
Green Hippo Hippotizer:
Pandoras Box:
Catalyst Media Server:

Other stuff in this video:

-Why Ableton Live may not be the best solution for video
-What to do if you want to repeat a song section
-Benefits of using an external machine for your video playback

FREE stuff that can help you get started 👇

ProPresenter Cues Template:

Timecode LTC Template:

0:00 Resources Guide: Control Your Video with Ableton Live
0:18 Different Ways to Controlling Your Video
0:57 Resource #1 – Ableton Live (Drag Video, Sync, etc.)
2:14 Why Ableton Live May Not be the Best Solution
2:46 Resource #2 – Videosync (Adapt Video in Real Time)
3:50 Spread Out Load Out to do External Control
4:10 Resource #3 – Resolume Avenue (Trigger)
4:44 Resource #4 – Arkaos GrandVJ (Trigger)
5:09 Resource #5 – Qlab 4 (Trigger)
5:55 Resource #6 – ProPresenter (Trigger –
6:20 Resource #7 – Keynote (Trigger)
6:47 Convert Your MIDI Notes Using These Apps
7:26 What to do When You Want to Repeat a Section
7:54 Consider Subscribing to Learn More About Ableton Live
8:36 Use Time Code Command in Ableton Live (
10:05 Solutions for Time Code: Software & Hardware
10:22 Resource #8 – Resolume Arena (Time Code Sync)
11:04 Resource #9 – Pro Video Player (Time Code Sync)
11:33 Resources That Have Time Code Now: GrandVJ, Qlab 5, ProPresenter
13:10 Have a Higher Level of Production Using a Media Server
14:22 Resource #10 – Green Hippo Hippotizer (Media Servers)
15:04 Resource #10 – Pandoras Box (Media Servers)
15:20 More on Media Servers for High Production
16:18 Tip: If Possible, Move Video Playback to An External Machine
16:45 Upcoming: Courses to Dive Deep on These Solutions
17:16 Thank you for watching!

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