Choosing an Audio Interface for Live Performance

Here’s what you need to get audio out of your computer.

In part 3 of our 5-Part series, on the 5 things you need to use MultiTracks, we discuss how to get audio out of your computer, and I share some tips for choosing an audio interface for Live Performance.

5-Things You Need to Use Multitracks:

Download my recommendations for gear to use on stage:

Top 5 Audio Interfaces for Live Performance in 2022:

The Best Audio Interfaces under $399

Why You Should Never buy a 2-channel interface!

Get this instead:
Hosa 153

Hosa 159

Using Dante with Ableton Live course:

Using Dante with Ableton Live

Using Dante with Ableton Live tutorial:

Using the PlayAudio12 with Ableton Live:

Purchase a PlayAudio12:

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