Are Computers Reliable Enough To Use on Stage?

Should you use a computer to run tracks on stage? Here’s why you should, plus 7 tips to make it as reliable as possible.

When you’re running tracks, there’s no escaping Murphy’s Law. Things will go wrong. But that shouldn’t stop you from using a computer on stage.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

-Are computers reliable enough to use on stage?
-Why you should use computers even though they’re unreliable
-Tips to make your computer more reliable
-How to keep things running smoothly even when your computer crashes

PS. How do you keep your computer running smoothly on stage? Anything you think I left out? Drop a comment and let me know!

0:00 How to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly on Stage
0:12 Why I’m Revisiting the Question About Computers Being Reliable
1:21 We Should Approach Our Computers as if They’re Unreliable
2:02 Why should we use computers on stage if they’re unreliable?
3:37 Tip 1: Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth
5:15 Tip 2: Disable Screensaver
6:09 Tip 3: Disable Energy-Saving Features
7:11 Tip 4: Disable Any and All Auto Updates
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8:37 Tip 5: Have Plenty of Hard Drive Space
9:48 Tip 6: Collect All and Save
10:31 Tip 7: Have a Backup Plan (Critical Tip)
12:04 So is a computer reliable enough to use on stage?
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