Answering Your 8 Most Common Ableton Questions

I’ve been an Ableton Certified Trainer for 13 years. These are the 8 most common questions I get.

I take a few minutes to answer each question, but I also share where you can get loads of free resources to dive deeper into each topic.

My suggestions on the best gear for live performance 👇

Session View vs. Arrangement View 👇

Should you become an Ableton Live Certified Trainer 👇

How to use a stop track and MIDI Controller at the same time 👇

Difference between Ableton Versions: 👇

Best Version of Ableton Live for Running Tracks 👇

Where can I buy Ableton Live? 👇

How to Solve Ableton Live’s 1025 Measure Problem when Syncing Live Sets 👇

🤬 Ableton Keeps Crashing! 7 Steps To Guarantee You Fix the Problem 👇

What’s the best app for your worship band? [FREE QUIZ] 👇

Prime vs. Playback vs. Ableton Live 👇

Playback or Ableton Live? 👇

Prime or Ableton Live?👇

0:00 – Introduction
1:34 – Learn more on Studio to Stage
3:53 – What’s the best On-Stage Gear?
6:04 – Session View vs. Arrangement View
10:11 – How to become an Ableton Live Trainer?
13:34 – Not being able to use MIDI Controller & Stop Track at the Same Time
16:53 – What Version of Ableton Live should I Buy?
18:53 – Getting Ableton Sessions to Sync
22:01 – Why does Ableton keep Crashing?
26:26 – Should I use Playback, Prime or Ableton Live?
33:23 – Subscribe to the Channel for more Knowledge
33:42 – Outro

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