9 of the Best Desks for Producing and Creating Music (Expensive & Affordable Options)

Seems silly, but a good desk setup can really enhance creativity. Here are some of the best desks for music production that span from super expensive to insanely affordable.

Professional Options

Argosy (https://www.argosyconsole.com/)
Ultimate Support Nucleus Series (https://www.ultimatesupport.com/collections/nucleus-series-modular-workstations)
Ultimate Support Nucleus Z series (https://www.ultimatesupport.com/collections/nucleus-z-series-modular-workstations)
Platform by Output (https://output.com/products/platform)

Affordable (but still great!) Options:

Gator Framework Elite Series (https://fs2s.link/gator-elite-desk)
Gator Framework Elite Series Corner Piece (https://fs2s.link/gator-elite-corner-piece)
Gator Frameworks Elite Rack (https://fs2s.link/gator-elite-rack)
Gator Framework Content Creator Series (https://fs2s.link/gator-content-creator-desk)
Gator Framework Content Creator Corner Piece (https://fs2s.link/gator-content-creator-corner-piece)
On-Stage WS7500 Series Desk (https://fs2s.link/on-stage-desk)
On-Stage Corner Piece (https://fs2s.link/on-stage-desk-corner-piece)
On-Stage Rack (https://fs2s.link/on-stage-rack)

Affordable Picks (I found on Amazon)

Armocity Music Studio Desk (https://fs2s.link/armocity-desk)
Glorious Sound Desk Glorious Sound Desk Pro Black (https://fs2s.link/glorious-sound-desk)

PS. Have a desk recommendation that wasn’t on the list? Share it in the comments!

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Best Desks for Music Producers
0:44 – Argosy Desk
1:37 – Nuclear Series by Ultimate Support
2:25 – Nucleus-Z Series by Ultimate Support
2:50 – Platform by Output
4:00 – Subscribe to the Channel for more Tutorials
4:30 – Gator Frameworks Elite Series
5:08 – Gator Frameworks Content Creator Series
6:02 – On-Stage WS7500 Series
7:30 – Subscribe to the Channel for more Tutorials
8:03 – Armocity 47″ Music Studio Desk
8:34 – Glorious Sound Desk Pro
9:48 – Outro

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