5 Things That Drive Me Crazy About Multitracks’ Playback App!

If I was in charge of multitracks for one day, these are the first five things I’d change about the Playback App.

DISCLAIMER: Building an app is incredibly difficult. This isn’t me bashing the Playback App or anything like that. It’s just a fun thought experiment about what my ideal features would be for the Playback App and why.

  1. Simplify the app
  2. Simplify subscriptions
  3. Upload directly into the app
  4. Editing features (e.g., combining song sections)
  5. Optimize for desktop

0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Next Video Updates
2:01 – Simplifying the App
6:54 – Simplify Subscriptions
10:01 – Subscribe to the Channel for More Tutorials
10:30 – Upload Directly to the App
13:00 – More Editing Features
14:05 – Desktop Native App
15:40 – What Feature do you Want?
16:16 – Outro

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