3 Ways You Can Save $$$ When You Buy Ableton Live

Ableton doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 3 simple tips for saving money when purchasing or upgrading Ableton.

Tip 1: Ableton for free? Yep. You can get a starter version of Ableton for free.
Tip 2: Already have Ableton? Save when you upgrade.
Tip 3: Discounts for qualified users: students, churches, etc.
Bonus Tip: Discount for From Studio to Stage paid subscribers! Go to fromstudiotostage.com/subscribe, sign up, get a discount, and start mastering Ableton.

0:00 Did you know that you can get Ableton Live for free?
0:12 Welcome to Behind the Space Bar Podcast: Opportunity to Save Money
0:49 Ableton Live Lite: Get Ableton Live for Free
1:01 Add-On Software Example: PreSonus FirePod Interface – FireWire
2:02 How I Found Ableton Live Lite and What It Is
2:23 Tip 1: Get Ableton Live Lite – It’s Enough to Get Started
2:55 Tip 2: You Can Upgrade Your Version of Ableton Live
4:26 The Final Upcoming Tip That Applies to Students, Churches, etc. to Save Money
4:42 Subscribe and Leave a Review on iTunes
5:25 Tip 3: Amazing Discount for Students, Teachers and More (Ableton Live EDU)
6:26 Become a From Studio to Stage Student – Free and Discount Opportunities
8:32 Follow These Three Tips to Upgrade and Save Some Money
9:00 Thank you for watching!

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