3 Rules and 9 Steps To Successfully Upgrade Software (Episode Replay)

The tale is as old as time (well, as old as the internet has been around, I guess). There’s an update available and you jump on it. Next thing you know, things are broken and you’re chugging coffee trying to fix the mess.

If you’ve had that happen, maybe you’ve resolved to avoid updates at all costs. But soon, you’re running old software and you’re missing out on genuinely better features.

The last Behind the Spacebar episode of 2022 is a replay from an old episode where I think I buried the lede. I promoted it as an Ableton update, but after that, I give you 3 rules and a 9-step process to know exactly when and how to go about updating any software or hardware.

Watch the old episode with me and then join me at the end as I share some brand new thoughts about updating your software and hardware.

PS. What’s your process for updating? Anything in here that you think I missed? Drop a comment and let me know!

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