🤯 Ableton Live Hacks: Dynamic Guide Cue (How To Use Guide Cues and Repeat Song Sections)

If you’re using guide cues and repeating song sections in Ableton’s arrangement view…how do you get the guide cue to match the section you’re about to repeat? A dynamic guide cue is the solution.

This step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly how to set up a dynamic guide cue so your whole band can follow the guide cue even when you’re repeating a song section.

You could also just use an MD mic, mute the guide cues, and say “repeat the verse,” but that’s not fancy. So, let’s do fancy.

What you’ll learn:

-The problem with using guide cues and repeating sections
-Create a repeat track (watch this tutorial: link)
-Create a duplicate guide cue track
-Change the guide cue
-Test the new dynamic guide cue
-How to fix hearing 2 guide cues

Want to make all of this easier by starting with a clean, ready-to-go template? Download my FREE Ableton template here:


0:00 Set Up Dynamic Guide Cues for Your Tracks
0:15 The Problem with Using Guide Cues and Repeating
0:57 The Easiest Solution to The Problem: Mute Guide Cue
1:20 Shoutout to MultiTracks.com for Dynamic Guide Cue
2:05 Step 1: Have a Repeat Track
2:40 Step 2: Create a Duplicate Guide Cue Track
3:06 Step 3: Change Guide Cue
4:16 Side Note: Head to fromstudiotostage.com/template for a Template
4:32 Step 4: Testing the Dynamic Guide Cue
5:00 Solution: How to Fix Hearing 2 Different Guide Cues
5:55 Consider Subscribing to Learn How to Use Ableton Live Efficiently
6:14 Results: Solving Hearing 2 Different Guide Cues
7:12 Important: Guide is Enabled, Dynamic Guide and Repeat Track are Disabled
8:15 Final Example and Why I Love This Solution
9:26 Thanks for watching!

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